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Soil Type Zoning

Soil Type Zoning

Having successfully run the Veris MSP3 we can now offer the Veris U3 soil sensor platform. The U3 measures 3 variants as it travels across the field for Soil Type Zoning. Soilquest SoilQuest Farm Image Agrii

Veris U3

1) Maps soil texture using soil EC (electrical conductivity) to measure soil texture variations

2) Maps soil OM (organic matter) using an optical sensor that operates below crop residue and the soil surface.

3) Maps soil pH using electrodes to take multiple samples across the field.

All of this information is in then geo referenced using GPS points as the sensor is driven across the field, giving the grower 3 digital maps of invaluable data.

This one off operation reduces the cost of lab charges significantly but produces lots more data. Where pH mapping is not required the sensor can be operated to just measure EC and OM.

In addition to soil texture, OM% and pH, collated data can provide maps for:

  1. Variable rate seed Example map
  2. Sampling zones for P, K & Mg Example map
  3. Precision moisture for VR irrigation Example map
  4. Leach Risk map Example map
  5. Sand, Silt & Clay fraction % Example map
  6. Slope Example map
  7. Curve Example map

“Soil data for precision farming doesn’t get any more intensive than this”