Gypsum (Calcium Sulphate) has always been used in agriculture but more recently, recycled grades of material have made gypsum more cost effective to growers. Recycled gypsum can now be supplied under the low risk waste position which does not require a deployment application.

We supply recycled gypsum throughout England

Uses in agriculture

  • Conditioning of heavy clay, high mag soils
  • Treatment of land flooded by salt water
  • Improved yields & skin finish for carrots and potatoes
  • Useful source of Sulphur
  • Useful source of Calcium without raising soil pH

Calcium content

Calcium is the single most important nutrient in all living organisms, affecting cell structure, biological activity & soil structure.

Sulphur content

Sulphur is an element required for healthy plant growth and is necessary for the production of chlorophyll and the uptake of nitrogen.

Benefits of applying

  • Improves soil structure & tilth. Creates friable soils and builds deeper topsoil
  • Breaks up soils compacted by sodium & clay
  • Reduces cracking & compaction following irrigation and reduces soil crusting aiding seed emergence
  • Decreases bhp and energy requirements for tillage by reducing compaction caused by heavy machinery
  • Binds organic matter to soil and checks soil erosion
  • Enhances friendly bacterial action and discourages plant diseases related to poor soil aeration
  • Conditioned soil allows for deeper, healthier root development and water penetration
  • Discourages skin fungal diseases on root crops
  • Increases soil microbial activity and encourages worms speeding up the decomposition of organic matter
  • Supplies highly soluble calcium and sulphur in a form readily available to plants
  • Makes essential nutrients more available, such as nitrogen, phosphate, potash, iron & zinc
  • Corrects Calcium/Magnesium ratios in high magnesium soils (ideal 6:1)
  • Assists drainage
  • Leaches out harmful sodium through ionic exchange
  • Prevents water logging by maintaining good soil structure


Our material is delivered in bulk on artics. Spreading of gypsum can be done with lime spreaders or muck spreaders with spinning discs.

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