Gypsum & Compost

Whether you farm heavy or light land, Soil Conditioners can play a vital roll in the characteristics of the soil type and texture.

Composted green waste can be applied to light & heavier soils to improve the structure and to build organic matter. On lighter land compost is a superb medium for improving water holding capacities which is crucial where root crops are being grown. The drier nature of compost means that de-stoning can take place immediately after application where as some manures will clog de-stoners if land is worked too soon.

Heavier land with high magnesium content can benefit from products like gypsum (Calcium Sulphate) which help to breakdown the clay colloids. Sulphur knocks excessive Mg off the base saturation, replacing with Ca to improve the soils structure and workability.

Soil Conditioners


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Agricultural Gypsum

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