BDH Style pH Testing Kit

Buy a Soil pH Testing Kit

We sell professional kits for soil pH testing to agricultural colleges, agronomists & farmers. The KML kit is based on the original BDH version and contains everything you need to go sampling.

The KML kit contains:

1 x Wooden kit box
12 Test tubes
24 Rubber bungs
Soil indicator solution
Barium Sulphate
Distilled water bottle
pH colour chart
Full instructions

Lightweight pH Testing Kit

Buy a Soil pH Testing Kit

We now supply a lightweight soil pH testing kit as well. This kit is perfect for less frequent ‘in field’ testing. The lightweight kit has 10 shortened test tubes and a smaller quantity of distilled water. 2 pipettes are included for easy transfer of soil indicator solution into the test tubes. Test tube cleaning brush included.

Complete with barium sulphate, colour chart and full instructions. Please click on the payment section below for pricing.

All replacement consumables can be purchased separately here. If you require more information please contact us.