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Satellite Imagery

Satellite Imagery – Bright ideas for your soil

Soil Brightness Imagery

Soil brightness combines multiple layers of bare soil satellite imagery. We have a decade of bare soil imagery, for your farm at our disposal. Overlaying years of this data enables us to zone your fields into light, medium and heavier soil types. Once you’ve taken the system on board, your farm can use this data for life. Manage your seed rates with variable rate drilling. Establish soil sampling zones using soil types to get the best data from your soil analyses. There are many more options to explore with this data. Please contact us for more details and to find out how little it really costs.


As part of the service, you get your own online toolbox to pro actively manage your soil type data. It really couldn’t be easier. You ‘drop a pin’ into digital images of your fields and we return your fields mapped into manageable zones. Available to all farmers in the UK. IPF Intelligent precision farming soylsense soyl

12 months of Nitrogen Imagery data is also included FREE OF CHARGE with the Soil Brightness service!!


Nitrogen Imagery

Targeted application of Nitrogen is great way to achieve a more uniform yield, as well as putting N where it is needed most. Images are processed as ground cover, NDVI or chlorophyll and can be sent direct to your PC, iPad or Smartphone. Up to date imagery is captured throughout the season and dropped into the downloadable online toolbox, meaning you can go spreading at short notice with the latest crop N requirement already in your cab.

When you have received your images, YOU can dictate the rates of N to be applied using your field knowledge and history to build comprehensive application plans for each field. PhieldteK can manage and process this data (for solid or liquid N) in a matter of hours. Application files are then sent straight to your desktop so you can go spreading with minimal delays.

This service is charged per hectare and lasts the whole year with multiple clear day images. Available to all farmers in the UK.

Tablet deviceOur new imagery service allows maps to be sent directly to your PC, tablet or smartphone. The latest images and new application files are sent to you prior to each application. Let us know when you want to go spreading and we’ll make sure you have the files on your desktop.