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Precision Agronomy



Precision Agronomy

Phieldtek is the Precision Agronomy division of our business. We offer a full and varied portfolio of precision services from data creation to real time application systems. Our advice and recommendations are totally independent meaning all your inputs for fertiliser or seed can be sourced from your choice of suppliers. No arguments about who owns the data, it’s your data to help with your decisions.

With links to our farming customers approaching 150 years, we appreciate the urgency with which information can be required in modern farming practices and can operate a quick turn around on all of our services.

Below is an outline of our services but for more details click on the menu to the right

Soil Type Zoning

Precision AgronomyVeris U3 – Described as a mobile soil lab, see how we are bringing the latest American technology to UK farmers. Data doesn’t get much more intensive than this. The U3 can map soil texture, soil type, organic matter and intensive real time pH. With this data captured, there is a even more field info available. See here


Variable Rate Seed and Soil Management – We  also operate EM38 Scanners for mapping soil electrical conductivity readings. With shallow and deep array readings taken simultaneously, we can map soil texture and soil type to create bespoke variable seed rate plans. More details

GPS Precision Soil Sampling

GPS Soil pH Mapping – pH can vary dramatically across small areas of a field. We can map your fields at a greater intensity than is currently available from other suppliers. Unlike many other precision service providers, we test the pH in the field under the current soil & crop conditions giving accurate results every time. More details

Precision Agronomy

GPS Grid Mapping P, K, Mg, pH – Blanket applications of fertiliser and lime can now be a thing of the past. PhieldteK’s grid mapping service allows you to target inputs where they are needed most and reduce inputs where reserves are high. More details

GPS PCN (Potato Cyst Nematode) Mapping – Potato and Beet Cyst Nematode can devastate a crop, so intensive soil sampling is required. 50 cores per grid is the recommended sampling density. Here at Phieldtek we can now increase this sample density to over 200 cores per grid offering the most intensive PCN sampling in the UK. More details

Satellite Imagery

Soil Brightness Imagery – We have a decade of bare soil satellite imagery, for your farm at our disposal. A combination of this imagery enables us to zone your fields into light, medium and heavier soil types. As part of the service, we help you install an online toolbox to pro actively manage your soil type data. It really couldn’t be easier. You ‘drop a pin’ into digital images of your fields and we return your fields mapped into manageable zones. A 1 year Nitrogen Imagery package is also included FREE OF CHARGE with this service!! Available to all farmers in the UKContact us for more info.

Nitrogen Imagery – Targeted application of Nitrogen is great way to achieve a more uniform yield, as well as putting N where it is most needed. Images are processed as ground cover, NDVI or chlorophyll and can be sent direct to your PC, iPad or Smartphone. Available to all farmers in the UKRead more


Real Time VR Nitrogen

Precision Agronomy






Isaria Crop Sensor – Most people have heard of the N Sensor. Now we have the Isaria by Fritzmeier. The front linkage mounted Isaria crop sensor folds out to 7 metres, with sensors reading crop data far closer than a roof mounted sensor. Learn more

 Precision Data Creation

Precision AgronomyPrecision Agronomy

Combine yield data. Did you know that yield data from combines can be 15-20% inaccurate? We can clean and process the raw data for you to give an accurate picture of your ‘actual’ yields rather than what the combine is telling you.

GPS Data & Map Creation. We currently operate this service for 3rd party soil samplers and farmers alike. You collect the soil samples and log the GPS points. PhieldteK then collate all of the data and create contoured digital maps and FACTS approved field and fertiliser recommendations. In addition to this we also supply the VRA files in your chosen format. This removes the need for you to purchase expensive office software and saves you valuable time.