More and more growers are turning to Fibrophos for sugar beet

Sugar Beet Fertiliser

Have you ever considered using Fibrophos for your sugar beet fertiliser? If the answer is No, then maybe it is time to take a closer look. Sugar beet is a premium crop in this region but large quantities of blended fertiliser can add considerable costs to growers. With sugar prices lower than many would like, every pound saved and every tonne grown really counts. This is where Fibrophos can help !

Sugar beet fertiliser
Norfolk grower achieves 98t/ha adjusted yield using Fibrophos 0-5-20

Our High K 0-5-20 Fibrophos grade is a popular choice for beet growers. With an abundance of Potash, it also contains Magnesium and Sodium, along with Calcium, Sulphur and trace elements including Boron. Fibrophos releases nutrients throughout the growing season giving the root a continued source of valuable plant food.

Sugar beet fertiliser
Harvester driver: The best crop of beet we lifted this season had been grown with Fibrophos.

Not only is Fibrophos good for your soil, with vital nutrients and beneficial trace elements, but the competitive pricing of this renewable fertiliser really does stack up. It’s true to say that one or two growers have been sceptical about making the change from typical blends to Fibrophos, largely due to how much less their sugar beet fertiliser costs can be. However, when the beet is lifted some of the yields have been very rewarding. Coupled with the cost savings, many growers are now very happy with Fibrophos as their chosen beet fertiliser.

Fibrophos for sugar beet

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