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PK UP LogoA competitively priced bulk PK fertiliser. The MBM based material is an environmentally friendly, renewable, Phosphate rich & Potash fertiliser with valuable Calcium content. It is a safe, pathogen free effective fertiliser containing useful plant nutrients for British Agriculture.

Now with 23% Phosphate

0-23-3 PKUP typically contains: 7% Sulphur, 3% Potash, 3% Sodium and 2% Magnesium. PK-UP releases Phosphate & Potash as the plant requires it.

Calcium 20% CaO Iron 100ppm Fe
Sulphur 7% SO3 Manganese 75ppm Mn
Potassium 3% K2O Copper 75ppm Cu
Sodium 3% Na2O Molybdenum 25ppm Mo
Magnesium 2% MgO Neutralising value 10% NV

Our fleet of wide belt spreaders can accurately apply product as an annual or bi annual application leaving your farm labour and machinery free for other tasks.


PK-UP for Variable Rate Application

For growers who have had GPS soil mapping carried out, product can be applied on a VRA basis due to its largely ‘straight’ nature. SOYL can update nutrient recommendations to incorporate the use of P-Grow. Speak to your GPS Mapping provider. Keith Mount Liming can also arrange variable rate spreading of all fertiliser and lime for you. Contact us for more information