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PK UP LogoA competitively priced bulk PK fertiliser. The MBM based material is an environmentally friendly, renewable, Phosphate rich & Potash fertiliser with valuable Calcium content. It is a safe, pathogen free effective fertiliser containing useful plant nutrients for British Agriculture.

Now with 23% Phosphate

0-23-3 PKUP typically contains: 7% Sulphur, 3% Potash, 3% Sodium and 2% Magnesium. PK-UP releases Phosphate & Potash as the plant requires it.

Calcium 20% CaO Iron 100ppm Fe
Sulphur 7% SO3 Manganese 75ppm Mn
Potassium 3% K2O Copper 75ppm Cu
Sodium 3% Na2O Molybdenum 25ppm Mo
Magnesium 2% MgO Neutralising value 10% NV

Our fleet of wide belt spreaders can accurately apply product as an annual or bi annual application leaving your farm labour and machinery free for other tasks.


PKUP for Variable Rate Application

For growers who have had GPS soil mapping carried out, product can be applied on a VRA basis due to its largely ‘straight’ nature. SOYL can update nutrient recommendations to incorporate the use of P-Grow. Speak to your GPS Mapping provider. Keith Mount Liming can also arrange variable rate spreading of all fertiliser and lime for you. Contact us for more information