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Fibrophos is a renewable and competitively priced bulk PK fertiliser. The nutrient rich ash from incinerated poultry manure is a sustainable and environmentally friendly source of P & K. Cereals, oilseed rape, peas, beans, root crops and grassland have all been shown to thrive on soils fed with fibrophos PK fertiliser. Extensive trials have proven that fibrophos can improve crops on all soil types.

Raises Phosphate and Potash indices

Fibrophos PK Fertiliser raises the soil Phosphate and Potash indices on the poorest land and packs the soil again with all the other nutrients (except nitrogen) that are needed by the growing crop. The immediate effect is increased yields, across a much more productive, well-fed acreage.

The availability of different grades make it a suitable fertiliser for a range of soil types and cropping, adding value to your soil & crops with secondary & trace elements at no extra cost.

Farmers who have been spreading fibrophos for a number of years now notice that they have built up a stable and balanced level of nutrients in their soil.

Fibrophos has the advantage of being able to release its nutrients – especially the Phosphate and Potash – steadily over time. As the Potash is available in line with plant demands, they become healthier and stronger.

In the case of Phosphate, a long-lasting source of P2O5 means that you can see the benefits beyond the first year of application. Even on high pH soils, where PK release can be difficult from some fertilisers, it proves to be as effective as Triple Super Phosphate and Muriate of Potash.


Current grades

0-12-12    0-14-21 

0-9-18      0-5-20

0-12-18    0-0-16

Our fleet of wide belt spreaders can accurately apply all grades as an annual or bi annual application, leaving your farm labour and machinery free for other tasks.


For FACTS qualified advice on how Fibrophos could benefit your farm please contact us.


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