We supply and spread a range of ash based P & K Fertilisers for arable and grass land. There is a good range of grades from balanced PK fertilisers to P or K biased options. Suitable for all soil types and crops including sugar beet and root crops.

All grades are competitively priced when compared with granular fertiliser. Contact us for more details and our latest deals.

For more product details click each link: FIBROPHOS  P-GROW  PK-UP

All of these fertilisers contain valuable secondary and trace elements. Our F.A.C.T.S qualified staff can advise on the most suitable grade for your land. When considering the different grades it can also be the optimum time to carry out soil sampling to make sure you are applying the correct balance of nutrients to your soil.

Spreading of ash based fertilisers requires a moving belt machine. We have a large fleet of spreaders that can carry out spreading using VRA (variable rate application) or blanket rates.

P & K Fertilisers
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