Calcium Oxide (CaO) is commonly known as Quick Lime or Burnt Lime. When CaO is mixed with water (H2O) it becomes Hydrated Lime Ca(OH)2. Uses include civil engineering projects for effective soil stabilisation or application into glasshouse situations where acute acidity may cause club root e.g Pak Choi.

Benefits of using Quick Lime for soil stabilisation

Quicklime is commonly used to reduce the moisture content of soils. The hydration process chemically absorbs water and through the heat generated by the hydration reaction causes evaporation of moisture.

  • Clay soils are permanently modified by the addition of lime to a more granular material that can be readily compacted
  • A significant advantage of improving soils with lime products is the use of in situ materials
  • Eliminates the need to remove material off site and saves the cost of haulage and disposal
  • Reduces construction traffic by avoiding transport of excavated and imported materials
  • Considerably quicker to treat soils on site rather than to excavate, remove and import suitable replacement materials.
  • Different treatments are available to suit virtually every soil type and can produce a range of different strengths according to use
  • Treating materials with lime on site often has a positive impact on the construction programme

Quick Lime is a hazardous product and is supplied with safety hazard data.

Available in 1 tonne bags in quantities of 1 to 24 tonnes. Please contact us for a quotation