The majority of our lime is supplied to agriculture in bulk but we also sell specialist lime & calcium products in smaller quantities.

With the Mount family being the earliest known company to have applied lime to Norfolk fields, it’s safe to say that Keith Mount Liming have many years of experience as lime suppliers. Today, we supply lime products across Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

We supply Quick lime (Hydrated lime) and other Calcium Carbonate materials to a range of business’ and trades including:

  • Amenity & Groundsmen
  • Fishing Lakes and Ponds
  • Building Industry
  • Poultry Units
  • Civil Engineering
  • Chemical companies

Depending on the type of lime, most products are supplied in bags from 25kg to 1000kg. We can arrange curtain sider delivery to your site including tail lift unloading for smaller quantities if a fork lift isn’t available.

Hover over the Lime Products tab above and select each product from the drop down menu.

Calcium carbonate
Lime & Calcium products