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Fibrophos logoFibrophos is a competitively priced bulk PK fertiliser derived from the incineration of poultry manure that is burnt as a renewable energy source. The resultant ash is a very sustainable and environmentally friendly source of P & K. Fibrophos is suitable for arable and grassland alike.

The availability of different grades make it a suitable fertiliser for a range of soil types and cropping from wheat and rape to sugar beet and potatoes, adding value to your soil & crops with secondary & trace elements at no extra cost.

FibrophosCurrent grades

0-12-12    0-14-21 

0-9-18      0-5-20

0-0-26      0-5-25

Our fleet of wide belt spreaders can accurately apply all grades as an annual or bi annual application leaving your farm labour and machinery free for other tasks.



For FACTS qualified advice on how Fibrophos could benefit your farm please contact us.



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