LimeX70 is a liming bi product derived from the processing of sugar beet. As one of the largest independent suppliers of LimeX we are well placed to advise you on the benefits of using this material. Being a bi product it has the added benefit of some additional nutrient content in the way of 10kg/t of P2O5, 7kg/t of MgO & 6kg/t of SO3.

With an NV (Neutralising Value) of 25% so does require higher application rates than quarried lime products. The table below shows British Sugar’s suggested spreading rates for a variety of soil types. British Sugar Limex Bury Wissington

LimeX70 Application Rates (for 1 pH unit increase)

Soil TypeArable Tonnes/HaGrassland Tonnes/Ha
Sands6.0 – 7.54.5 – 5.5
Light7.5 – 105.5 – 7.5
Medium & Clay10 – 12.57.5 – 9
Organic15 – 209 – 15
Peat/Peaty20 – 2515 – 18

We supply product from sugar beet factories at Bury St Edmunds & Wissington. There are a number of different delivery options from back loading, own collection ex factory or a complete delivered & spread service. LimeX45 is also available on the same basis from Cantley beet factory in Norfolk.