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Lime Spreading
Variable Rate Lime Spreading

Some of our Variable Rate spreading as seen on BBC Countryfile


Lime Spreading

Nearly all of the lime, gypsum & fertiliser we supply is spread by us too. We have over 40 lime spreading contractors at our disposal so can apply large tonnages per day at peak times.

The vast majority of spreaders we use are trailed machines with some self propelled spreaders as well. Wheel & tyre equipment varies from wide flotation tyres to narrow row crop wheels for bed and row work applications. For top dressing work we can set spreaders to run at 72″ or 80″ centres.

For years we have been applying lime to part fields and small patches, when lime is not required on the whole field. Our experienced operators are used to this targeted application method and have detailed maps to ensure maximum accuracy.

We also have a number of spreaders equipped with variable rate application (VRA) systems. We can provide digital data for VRA spreading or can accept files from SOYL, SoilQuest & IPF.

A few of the spreaders that we use