Screened Chalk

Lime Spreading

Screened chalk is the predominant natural liming material in East Anglia. The 1991 Fertiliser regulations specify that for a screened product classification, 98% must pass through a 45mm sieve. We only supply 25mm to dust or finer which makes it an ideal material to apply to stubbles prior to ploughing. Typical NV of 45-46%.

Ground Chalk

Lime Spreading

Available as 6mm to dust, this grade is excellent for quicker correction of low pH levels. The finer particle size gives a better coverage when spreading and we would recommend this grade for application after ploughing, grassland or for top dressing purposes. We regularly apply ground chalk to growing onion and sugar beet crops to overcome areas of acute soil acidity. Typical NV of 48-50%

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Lime spreading ground chalk