2018 marked 150 years of the Mount Family being involved with agricultural lime

Joseph Mount first began quarrying lime in 1868 in Brandon, Suffolk. Chalk was excavated by hand and moved to local farms using a horse & cart.

Joseph’s son (also called Joseph) soon joined the business and was later followed by his son Frederick and grandson Eric. At this point the company were knapping flints and producing chalk for inclusion in mineral feed & whiting as well as chalk blocks for building. A second quarry was opened and Mount’s Lime now had a fleet of lorry spreaders to keep up with the demand from farmers. Keith joined the business in 1958 and helped to develop new soil testing methods as well as maps and reports for customers.

Fast forward to 1992 and Keith took the business in a slightly different direction by offering a completely independent status. Keith Mount Liming Ltd was born and the company started to supply lime from multiple sources giving the farmer a greater choice of liming materials and better value by hauling lime from the nearest quarry.

In 1994 Andrew became the 6th generation of the family to be involved with agricultural lime. The business has now expanded to cover large areas of the country but with the focus on 10 counties in Eastern England. The company delivers lime to farms from over 20 different locations and have more than 40 spreaders at their disposal. Keith Mount Liming is now one of the largest independent and privately owned lime suppliers in the UK.

In addition to lime, the company is supplying P & K ash based fertilisers, Gypsum and blended fertiliser, utilising the existing fleet of spreaders to apply products across the whole of the region. Keith has developed the compost side of the business while Andrew has helped to grow the Precision Agronomy sector embracing the latest technology to help farms adapt for the future.