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Pretty much everything we do, begins with the soil. From basic soil sampling through to intensive precision zoning, soil is the thing that we deal with every day. Over the years, we have established ourselves as the ‘go to’ company when something in the soil isn’t right.

Most of our knowledge has been built on decades of in field experience. With around 95% of our customers repeating their business with us year after year, routine soil sampling keeps everything in check as well as building our knowledge base for individual fields.
‘If’ we establish deficiencies with the soil, we are well placed to help address any short falls. As the largest privately owned lime company in the country we are used to dealing with unsettled weather and timely cultivations and cropping. Supplying, delivering and spreading Lime, Gypsum, PK Fertilisers and Compost over large distances takes some co-ordination. On average, we supply and spread around 225 tonnes of product every single day of the year.

Keith Mount Liming have a long established reputation and good working relationships with growers, managers and agronomists. As a result, we are often the first call when a crop or soil is under performing. We deal with many soil types and a huge range of crops, over a large geographical area, so whatever the problem, there is a strong likelihood that we have seen it before. Our large range of soil analyses options means we can hopefully pin point what the problem might be.

We have a broad range of customers from small equestrian concerns to 10,000 hectare estates. Our dedicated team of advisers generally use quad bikes to cope with the large areas of soil sampling. Some jobs also require GPS for acute accuracy and traceability.

Phieldtek, our Precision Agronomy division is always expanding. Our totally independent status means that we have been able to build relationships with manufacturers and agronomy companies to offer a service and products, that are not necessarily available elsewhere, giving us a very unique selling point. In the quest to perfect some of our precision soil sampling, Phieldtek has become an innovator by having bespoke devices designed and manufactured to set us apart from the competition.


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